Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has matured to the point where only seasoned advertisers, familiar with the caveats of this channel, reap the greatest rewards. Our affiliate marketing team has the experience to build partnerships with reputable publishers and pilot your campaign to victory.

If your business does not have an affiliate marketing program, we can help you build one. After acquainting ourselves with your sales strategy, we will research your industry, select a network(s) and recommend how to position your company amongst the dozens.

Businesses that already have an existing affiliate program realize that success requires more than a convincing application page. Affiliates demand attractive banners and landing pages – don’t fret if your business is not prepared to furnish this media. We have the design and programming talent to provide media that your publishers will proudly post to their website! Our affiliate managers will broadcast the availability of new designs and marketing promotions too.

A dedicated affiliate marketing manager is one who maximizes the publisher relationship – expect routine communication with your publisher base when you choose Dutchess Marketing.