Comparison Shopping Engines

Learn How They Work

Shopping engines allow merchants to feed them product information including prices, descriptions, images and other attribute descriptors. When a shopper keys-in a search, pertinent products from several merchants are displayed alongside each other for consumers to browse through. Savvy consumers uses CSEs to find the lowest possible price for a specific product and to identify similar items sold. Comparison shopping engines offer merchant reviews and ratings, which often influences the consumer purchase decision.

Gain exposure on comparison shopping engines

Your product listings can appear in Google Product Search, Price Grabber,, ShopZilla and other popular comparison shopping networks. Let Dutchess marketing can assist with product enrollment. Leave this time consuming and often tedius job to the experts -- we will take all of your product information and convert it into the file formats required by each shopping engines.

We Optimize Shopping Engine Feeds

Sometimes it's not always about which merchant is selling for the lowest price. Depending upon the size of your catalog, we will optimize your feed's data for commonly searched keyword phrases to give your company an edge. Since we tag all of your destinaton URLs with tracking codes, we will track item performance to maximize profitability. Know where your advertising dollar are spent and make the necessary adjustments to ensure ROI.

Boost Customer Reviews

Another great benefit about our comparison shopping engine program is the number of review it will generate. Shopping engines offer post-sale feedback forms to collect user feedback after your customer completes a sale. This feedback is aggregates and displayed all over the web. We can help you implement these feedback forms into your website so the collection of review information is automated. Oftentime, most merchants make the mistake of serving a single feedback form at the end of all checkout sessions. We offer technology will serve the correct feedback form according to the source of the customer -- maximizing your chances of receiving a review.

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