Email Marketing

We Design and Distribute Blockbuster Emails

We frequently help people with these challenges:

I am new to email
and I need help.

I want to send emails to my customer base because I heard email is the most cost effective marketing channel for generating sales leads.

My email marketing needs improvement.

I represent a company who actively emails their subscriber base and I am tasked with finding an email marketing vendor to drive a larger response.

Benefit from Our Interactive Email Marketing Solutions

  • Build a stronger customer base
  • Communicate promotions and company news to past customers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase sales and leads with direct response
  • Improve customer retention

Our Email Marketing Program

Dutchess Marketing will manage your email marketing calendar and help you plan acquisition and retention-based email communications. We guarantee that your distributions are CAN-SPAM compliant and will coach you on how to improve email deliverability.

Do you find writing your own email content too time consuming? We are ready to service your email creative needs. Our team of creative and design experts will furnish compelling creative according the promotion/information chosen. It's our priority to write effective subject lines and we recognize they can make the difference for a winning campaign. We understand retention and acquisition based marketing and how to tailor email promotions for each type of audience.

Are you challenged with email list updates, is your data scattered across several lists? Get assistance with the implementation of scripting to append new contacts to a central list -- a necessity for for list growth.

Realizing your customers' behavior is like understanding their DNA. Let us help you segment your list and select messages that your customer base will appreciate.

Analytics Driven Email Marketing

Open rates and click-through metrics do not tell the full story about your distribution. Successful email marketing requires you to know which links were clicked, pages viewed, and most importantly key actions taken. We will configure your email marketing HTML to track activity beyond the email itself so that your campaign generates meaningful data. We will measure and report on campaign performance, and provide optimization recommendations for future email marketing initiatives.

Holiday Blasting

The holidays are a time when consumers give-in and purchase products and services. Every day can be a holiday for someone, especially when receiving an email promotion that encourages a sale. If your business offers products or services, then you can benefit from our Special Occasion Email Marketing program. Hire us to coordinate email distributions into your email marketing calendar. We will work with you to design spectacular creative custom to your promotions.