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We build organized and actionable landing pages.

When customers visit your landing pages they need to learn why your product is the best choice in that moment, but more importantly, you want them to take action. Dutchess Marketing can help you to achieve advertising success through our landing page development service. The landing pages we develop speak directly to consumers -- keeping them focused on your product's unique selling proposition.

Customized Layouts

At Dutchess Marketing we understand that first impressions are lasting ones. When we create your landing pages we keep your vision in the forefront. We recognize that the visual appeal of a site is an important piece of the puzzle and, as such, we take a streamlined approach by creating organized, personalized and clean designs.

Focused Approach

When a potential new customer clicks on your page they generally have an idea of what they are looking for, whether it be a service or product. Our wellspring of ideas allows us to create landing pages unique to what you are selling. We target your business’ categories and products, so as to ensure visitors will quickly find what they are looking for. We know it’s critical to create pages that reflect your business’ philosophy and the products and information you are promoting.


Ease of navigation and comfort with a site holds great importance when a new visitor is interacting on your site. We design landing pages that are enjoyable to use. Often, the business owner wants to display all of the product benefits up front, often leading to information overload. Dutchess Marketing landing pages utilize the latest HTML, CSS and Scripting languages to hide certain information until the user is ready to see it. This design tactic guarantees a facile and enjoyable user experience. Users will be able to find the information they are looking, but not in an isolated manner since it's all part of a single page.

Dutchess Marketing’s process for building successful landing pages is a clear and effective one...

  • Identify a unique selling proposition
  • Determine the best way to display information
  • Assemble landing page and user interfaces


The landing pages we build are streamlined for conversion due to the fact that they are optimized for action. Get more out of your advertising campaigns. We have a deep understanding of what customers are looking to find when visiting your landing pages and we guarantee they will not be disappointed. You and your users come first. When your visitors come away with positive reactions there will be increased engagement and, most importantly, greater customer loyalty. You can trust that we pride ourselves on consistently developing a positive professional relationship that leads to a more personalized experience.

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Service Guarantee

Dutchess Marketing provides high value marketing services and web development solutions. We guarantee top-notch deliverables and the utmost professionalism every step of the way.

  • Expert Insight
  • Customized Strategy
  • Turnkey Delivery of Project Goals
  • Results Guaranteed

Have it all for a rediculously affordable price, and... feel confident knowing 100% American labor is behind your project.