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Inbound links or back links are references pointing to your website. The number of inbound links is an indication of the popularity or importance of your website. Search engines refer to the count of links pointing to your website when determining its search engine ranking.

There are different classifications of links that can be included into your link building action plan. Dutchess Marketing takes into account the types of links currently pointing to your site. When defining the link building schedule, we'll propose links from neighborhoods where your site might be defficient.

Link Text and Contextual References

It is critical that link references on the linking page contain target keyword phrases. Search engines interpret the link text as a label of the proceeding page and therefore, a target keyword must be present to guarantee that newly acquired links provide maximum credit to your site. The text surrounding the anchor text should contain related keywords phrases too, the search engines evaluate the context of links by analyzing neighboring words. We will prepare the link copy for you as part of the service.

Deep Inbound Links

Deep linking is a tactic which involves pointing links directly to internal pages of your site, rather than just the homepage which most SEOs focus on for simplicity.

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