Pay-Per-Click Management

High Efficiency Paid Search Marketing Solutions

Getting the most from your pay-per-click advertising budget requires management smarts, constant supervision of performance and hard work. Are you tasked with identifying a pay-per-click management firm to manage your accounts? Keep reading...

Think of your pay-per-click advertising potential as a giant pie. Seven years ago when the first advertisers in your industry engaged PPC most of the pie belonged to them. Between then and now, new players have entered the paid search arena to stake a claim for their own. If you were early to discover pay-per-click, overtime, you may have noticed ambitious advertisers nipping away at your share of the pie. Or, maybe your business was late to arrive and you’re one of the new players struggling to grasp a slice of paid search glory.

We Want to Know Your Story

Pay-per click can be unforgiving to the inexperienced and equally uneconomical to managers who cannot invest adequate time into their accounts. If this sounds like you, then Consider Dutchess Marketing for PPC.

Top 5 Reasons to Let Dutchess Marketing Manage Your Pay-Per-Click Firm

1We know how to build campaigns with tight-knit relationships between your keywords, ads and landing pages. We will structure your campaigns with maximum quality scores and usability in mind.

2We use analytics to make decisions -- we heavily rely on A|B testing to extract information about your audience’s preference towards your offer. We leverage this insight and repeat the actions of success to propel your campaigns’ performance.

3We understand that pay-per-click is one of many marketing channels driving your business. We make it a priority to conform to your company’s marketing, creative and legal guidelines. If there are special conditions for advertising your product or service, just bring them to our attention.

4We take full advantage of all of the settings offered by each pay-per-click engine including budget controls, day parting, site links, reviews and product ad extensions. When we review your account, we will determine those which options make the most sense for your business.

5We proactively make improvements to your pay-per-click campaigns in the forms of introducing new keywords themes, ad copy and analyzing the analytics data to find areas of opportunity.