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Our web analytics consultants can help you make smarter decisions.

Right now, potential customers are engaging your marketing campaigns and website, they are crawling through a digital mouse trap architected to guide them to conversion. Is your website a dead end? Are you making an effort to study the digital footprints left from your traffic? Is your audience stimulated or plain exhausted?

The purpose of our Web Analytics Service is to help business owners study the tracks left from visitors who’ve interacted with their website so they can understand customer behavior prior to making business impacting decisions.

Our approach is methodical and we follow this general process:

1Identify your business objectives to get a sense of how your company will benefit from our service. This brief customer discovery interview, often performed by phone, consists of questions and answers.

2Review the accuracy of your current analytics implementation to see if the data holds integrity and that you are measuring all necessary KPIs. Often we will require you to send us statistics from your internal systems to see how they validate.

3Draft an Analysis Strategy custom to your business objectives, which serves as schedule for the series of reports, tests and evaluations that we must complete to answer your questions.

4Fine tune your analytics implementation and install structured A|B tests.

5Study the data, answer your business question and make recommendations for improvement.

Are you studying your traffic footprints?

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